How will your information be used?

Information about your health is stored in various NHS computer records. Sometimes this is used to plan health services or carry out health research. If and when your information is used in this way, your personal details and identifiers are removed so you cannot be identified (the data is 'de-personalised'). To find out more on how data is used in the NHS and research please visit:

When you register for NWL Health Research Register, you are giving permission for the NWL Health Research Register Team (employees of Chelsea and Westminister Hospital NHS Foundation Trust):

1. To add your consent to to be contacted about research, to your integrated North West London NHS medical record (click here to find out more)

2. To follow up with you about potential research studies you might be interested in. 

In practice, a researcher may conduct a search on the de-personalised North West London medical records to find people who are over the age of 40, have diabetes and have registered with NWL Health Research Register. The researcher can then ask the NWL Health Research Register team to re-identify those people who have matched the search criteria and contact them about the research opportunity.

Researchers will not be able to identify or contact you until you have given permission to the NWL Health Research Register team for this to happen. Your full identifiable medical record will never be seen. 

Your health information is completely confidential and will be processed in accordance with UK Data Protection Law.

Your privacy is extremely important to the NHS.