Terms and Conditions

When you register for NWL Health Research Register, you are giving permission for the NWL Health Research Register Team (employees of Chelsea and Westminister Hospital NHS Foundation Trust):

1. To add your consent to to be contacted about research, to your North West London NHS medical record (click here to find out more)

2. To follow up with you about potential research studies you might be interested in. 

The NHS uses your information to develop and improve health and care services for the future. It can also be used in research to find cures and better treatments for diseases like diabetes and cancer. To protect your privacy all personal identifiers like your name, address, telephone number are removed ('it is de-personalised'. To find out more on what this means click here). Sometimes researchers want to identify people so they can invite them to participate in a research study. 

This can only be done with your consent. We want to invite you to join the NWL Health Research Register so we (the NWL Health Research Register Team) can contact you about research you may be interested in (the researcher cannot do this directly). The NWL Health Research Register team will not know anything about the proposed research or be able to see your medical records, they will just be able to see your contact details.

If you are interested in finding out more, the NWL Health Research Register team will then pass your contact details on to the researcher who will get in touch with you to discuss it further. There is no obligation to take part and you can say no at any point throughout the process. 

All research is regulated by the Health Research Authority to ensure safety of participants.

Your participation in research is voluntary and you are free to withdraw at any time without giving a reason and without your medical care or legal rights being affected. If you wish to withdraw, please use this link to contact the Discover team and let them know. 

You set the limit on how often you want to be contacted about appropriate research opportunities, this is limited to a maximum of four per year.

Should you have any queries about the way that your data will be, or has been, processed then please use this link to contact the Discover team