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Supporting Mental Health through Research

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  • 10th October 2019

One of the most frequently asked questions by individuals on Mental Health Awareness Day is “what can I do to help?”

You may well have seen advice around checking in on family members or friends and offering support, or donating to charities which offer support for others, and these are both great ways to contribute, but another easy way to make a huge impact is often overlooked.

Participating in health research can help us find new and innovative ways to treat mental health issues, sometimes without leaving the comfort of your own home.

The NWL Health Research Register is an NHS programme which allows anyone registered with a GP in north west London to make themselves available for health research. Signing up to the register puts you under no obligation and gives you the opportunity to take part in vital health research, including testing innovations in treating and managing mental health problems. For example, Discover is currently evaluating new app technologies which can provide real-time support and intervention, with an aim of optimising and improving mental health.

With depression being the fifth-highest recorded medical condition amongst patients in north west London, it is increasingly important that we continue to look for new ways to manage and treat it, and emerging technologies can offer new opportunities to do this. But without people to help test these ideas, we can never gain a meaningful understanding of their effectiveness, and that’s where you come in.

However, we do not want to sit back and wait for you to come to us – the more people we reach with NWL Health Research Register, the more effective we will be able to make our research, and the more people we can potentially help. This is why NWL Health Research Register is actively partnering with organisations in north west London who are also working to improve the population’s mental health.

Angela Stangoe, Director & Head of Psychotherapeutic Services at  Hillingdon Mind, said: “Mind fully supports the need for ongoing and innovative research into to addressing the growing mental health needs of the population – this of particular importance in the area of building resilience and early intervention”

Recently, the NWL Health Research Register team met with patients and public in Brentford Health Centre as part of a Mental Health Awareness event.

The chair of the Patient Public Group (PPG) at Brentford Health Centre Bryony Inge said: “We were delighted to host the NWL Health Research Register team to raise awareness about North West London’s heath register and to support health research.”

You don’t have to have an existing health condition to join the register, you just need to be over the age of 18, and be registered with a GP in north west London. All your data is kept securely, and you will only ever be contacted by NWL Health Research Register, never a third party. So why not find out how you can help today? Read our FAQs.

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