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  • 1st June 2020

The North West London Health Research Register are supporting the invitation of people to take part in a vital national online research study called COVIDENCE UK. The study aims to find out who is most at risk of coronavirus disease, and most importantly what we can do to prevent it.

Currently, the risk factors, adverse outcomes, impacts on mental and economic wellbeing and the natural history of COVID-19 in the UK population are largely unknown. We know that people with certain medical conditions (e.g. heart disease, lung disease, diabetes and high blood pressure) seem to be at increased risk. However, we don’t know why. Is it simply because people with these conditions tend to be older? Is it something to do with the underlying condition itself? Could particular medications affect the risk? Or are there any lifestyle factors such as smoking or different dietary patterns which tend to go along with some of these conditions?

By collecting information about medical history and lifestyle, the research hopes to answer these, and many more questions – and will give us a much better understanding of why some people are more susceptible to coronavirus infection than others.

Ultimately, this knowledge will help to reduce this risk – for example by altering the way we manage these underlying conditions, or by providing specific advice on lifestyle changes that boost resistance to infection.

It’s very simple to take part. You simply fill in an online questionnaire to collect information about your lifestyle, diet, longstanding conditions and prescribed treatment. Joining the study is a commitment, but it’s one the researchers hope you are willing to make, because only by working together will we defeat this terrible disease.

By participating, you'll be taking part in innovative research aimed at improving the lives of everyone affected by COVID-19. 

Find out more, take the survey and save lives from your sofa! 

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